Welcome to the 2017 NA Convention Survey! Please take a moment to fill out this year's survey. Let us know how you felt! Do not be afraid to give your honest feedback. As our 2017 theme, we aim for Higher Heights and we value your response!
The Registration Team welcomed me, checked me in and provided me with Convention essentials.

Located to the left before the entrance of the auditorium
The Opening Night began and ended as scheduled. *

How did you enjoy Wednesday's sermon, "Eye Has Not Seen," preached by Pastor Ebenezer Ikenebomeh? *

How was Thursday's morning session moderated by Pastor Amos Olatuja? *

{{answer_55779999}}Were the teachings relevant to you?

Teaching 1: "Understanding the Will of God" by Pastor Durojaiye Ojetayo
Teaching 2: "The Intangible Connections to Higher Heights" by Pastor Sunday Adu
How much did you enjoy the first message, "We are Unstoppable," on Thursday evening preached by Brother Dipo Adesina? *

From 1 being least enjoyed to 5 being most enjoyed

How would you rate the second message, "From Glory to Glory," on Thursday evening preached by Evangelist Taiwo Ajadi? *

How were the Friday morning teaching sessions? *

Teaching 3: "The Intangible Connections to Higher Heights" by Pastor Sunday Adu
Teaching 4: "Total Transformation" by Pastor Emmanuel Oluwayemi
Did you enjoy the Life Summit? *

What part of the Life Summit do you think was most eye-catching and important? *

The Hour of Prayer held prayer points that were relevant to myself and the purpose of the convention. *

How was the Friday evening sermon, "Breaking the Chains," preached by Pastor Taiwo Fagbuyi? *

{{answer_55846814}}What part of the sermon did you feel was most powerful? *

What did you gain from Saturday morning's teaching "We Must Fix This," taught by Pastor Sunday Adu? *

How much did you enjoy the Variety Night, moderated by Siter Kemi Atilola and Deacon Kayode Omonayin? *

The performances at the variety night were very entertaining. *

Another Variety Night should be in next year's convention.

The Farewell and Installation Service ended on time. *

Between 1 and 6, how would you rate the Farewell and Installation service moderated by Pastor Ebenezer Ikenebomeh? Please explain why. *

Which Hour Of Empowerment spoke you the most? *

Please rate the meals during the convention. *

The process of receiving my meal each day ran fast and smooth. *

The lunch break and personal meditation was not long enough. *

The selection of songs performed by the GOFAMINT Choir were relevant to this year's convention theme, "Higher Hieghts." *

Ushers attended to me and seated me respectively. *

Each service began and ended on time. *

Thank you for completing the survey! Your feedback is important to us. The Convention Planning Committee always aims for every convention to be better than the last. Thank you for attending the GOFAMINT 2017 Convention! Please do not forget to follow GOFAMINT NA on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope to see you next year! May you reach higher heights in Jesus' Name.
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